Red Bird Medicine

As a society we have evolved spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. In order to stay in balance, it is important to nurture ourselves in all four areas of the human experience. Our technological advances have been incredible in the last century. Spiritually, different cultures of the world are coming together to share knowledge and experience. Our spiritual healers and health care professionals share their most advanced techniques in healing. Oftentimes, physical illness is rooted in a psychological disturbance; so, these fields are looking into original causes and integrating knowledge.

Spiritual healing takes all of this into consideration. In the psychological area we have learned what creates emotional difficulties, addictions, violence, etc. In the simplest terms, the heart/spirit has sustained a soul loss-injury. This wound needs attention. This wound should receive attention in a safe and powerful way. The person needing attention should be surrounded in Love. The most effective way to do this is to invite the “Spirit” into the experience. Spiritual Healing restores the soul to wholeness – returning home to the truth of one’s being. Setting one’s intent for healing calls our attention to the fact we are surrounded in a Loving Presence. Love is the most powerful form of healing there is! All matters of the heart respond to love. This is the basic premise on which all healing is done at The Red Bird Center.