The Wounded Bear
A Modern Day Medicine Story

“The Wounded Bear” is a modern day medicine story about hope and healing. A medicine story is a Native American term that describes the healing effect a story can have on the listener. This medicine story shares the blueprint needed in our society to heal the violence and heartbreak in our communities.

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The Wounded Bear

Created and presented by Shianne Eagleheart, LICDC, ICCS, CS, “The Wounded Bear” is a modern-day medicine story about hope and healing. A medicine story is a Native American term that describes the healing effect a story can have on the listener. This medicine story shares the blueprint needed in our society to heal the violence and heartbreak in our communities.

For 23 years, Shianne Eagleheart has used “The Wounded Bear” as a catalyst for profound healing around the world. Professional persons throughout the United States, Indigenous people in the United States, Canada and Australia, children of all ages, and those who have sought refuge at The Red Bird Center in Ohio, have found comfort and vision while in the embrace of the story.

“The Wounded Bear” is now available as a professional training program. Developed for social workers, counselors, educators and others who work directly with youth and adults in crisis, as well as in prevention, the story serves to act as a spiritual metaphor and as a therapeutic curriculum. It is appropriate for all settings in which people wish to explore the many contours of the human condition.

“The Wounded Bear” is a program that gets both youth and adults connected to their hearts and offers true hope for healing. Clients can leave the experience with a blueprint for healing that has a lasting effect. We have found clients more willing to address their challenges after experiencing this program. (Challenges such as addiction, trauma and loss, depression, violent loss of control and other emotional difficulties.) It is the result of 35 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in what truly heals the human spirit. This program crosses all cultures using common language we can all relate to.

Recommendations and Highest Praise for “The Wounded Bear”


“The Wounded Bear story was shared with our youth who were residing in a juvenile community correctional facility. All were felony offenders and all had suspended commitments to prison. I was the deputy superintendent at that time. As the experience unfolded it became obvious to youth and staff alike that something profound was happening, something extraordinary, something that had the ability to penetrate down into the deepest regions of the psyche, something that once reaching that depth within us would forever leave a wondrous imprint. That occasion was of great impact then, and now, I will be the first in line to acquire this curriculum for my work with youth and adults in prison and in the process of re-entry.”

Dr. Robin Herman, Program Director
Hanbleceya House, Inc., An Institute For Personal and Community Well-Being

“I have personally and professionally been touched and moved by The Wounded Bear. It is a story I am able to refer to time and time again as a social worker, chemical dependency counselor and adjunct college instructor. In my opinion, this program speaks right to the heart of the realities of those who are hurting in our society, as well as about thoughtful, realistic and workable solutions to improving the welfare and wellbeing of all.” Shianne Eagleheart and The Wounded Bear are pioneers in the future of national and international relations and mental health.”

Jennifer Manner, M.S.S.A, L.I.S.W.

“I have more than ten years of professional experience working as a psychologist in a variety of capacities including providing individual and group therapy in college counseling centers and in private practice, as well as providing continuing education presentations and organizational development seminars. Shianne Eagleheart is a unique and courageous leader with a powerful and honest message. Her commitment to sharing the Wounded Bear with audiences all over the world offers a very real and practical way to address the issues of violence, addiction and personal trauma in our world and therefore gives us a new sense of hope that living in peace is not just a dream but is truly achievable in our lifetime.”

Harry F. Pepper III, Ph.D., Psychologist
Adult Program Coordinator, Common Ground
The Cindy Nord Center for Renewal

“In my 15 years of working with adolescents, I have never encountered a message that reached so cleanly to the heart of the matter. The Wounded Bear speaks directly to the estrangement and isolation that so many teens feel. It speaks to them in language they can understand and gently invites them to begin to tell their own story. Its invitation is so touching and sincere, they simply can’t refuse. I highly recommend this program.”

Lee Long
Severe Behavioral Management Specialist

Other professionals who endorse this program:

  • Matt Slater, Director of Veteran’s Services FCS
  • Khalil Osiris, MA and Anthony Villa, Sr. Corporate Directors,
    Hanbleceya House, Inc.: An Institute for Personal and Community Well-Being
  • Bonnie Hedrick, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, Director of Ohio Resource Network for Safe and Drug Free Schools
  • Sharon Bird (Cree) Pas Reservation in Northern Canada, Riverside Methodist Hospital in the Behavioral Health Unit
  • Harry Pepper, PHD, Adult Program Director, Common Ground
  • Father Chris Riley, Youth Off the Streets – Sydney, Australia
  • Margaret Dillio Storey, MA. ED., Retired Major U.S. Army
    Trauma and Loss Counseling Center
  • Bruce Kafer, RN, MSN, (Oglala Sioux) Cleveland VA Medical Center
  • Judith Smithchild M.Ed., LICDC, NCC. LPCC
    TASC of Southeast Ohio, Deputy Director/Clinic Director, Athens, Ohio
  • Dave Deckert, M.D., Psychiatrist, Summa Health Medical Group
  • Val Evans, Delaware, Six Nations, Native Community Liaison and Youth Director in both Canada and United States
  • Carrie Neilson, MSW RSW Aboriginal Issues Strategist, City of Calgary
  • Jackie Grey, MA, Behavioral Connections of Wood County
  • Stacy Dodson, Meigs County Juvenile Court
  • Stephanie Miller, PhD, Mental Health Services, Department of Corrections