A Multicultural Healing Center

Our foundation is centered in the “Indigenous Healing Model” that restores the spirit and brings unity and connection within communities. We celebrate and welcome all cultures and faiths.

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Welcome to the Red Bird Center

Greetings, I wanted to take a moment to share upcoming changes for Red Bird.

Since the pandemic we have been in quiet reflection, cherishing all of the amazing moments of healing over the last 25 years here at Red Bird and 39 years total in the healing profession.

Bob and I have some news.

We are in the winter season of our life.

We have decided to relocate the Red Bird Center to the Summit/Medina County region. We do not have a location yet and will keep you posted as the next stage develops. As many of you know, this last year was an evaluation year to see if we could generate enough support to hire a team to manage operations. We did not. A semi-retirement plan and downsizing is an appropriate next step.

We will be continuing Healing Retreats and Trainings in 2023. Just have to sort out the details of this new Vision.

Thank you everyone for all the congratulations for the next stage for Red Bird. We are so excited about this relocation project and look forward to all that is coming.

So many of you have offered to help in anyway this is needed. THANK YOU! This means so much to us. Our partners have come forward with collaboration interest in the Summit county region. It’s awesome to have such amazing history with everyone.

When we celebrated our 25 year anniversary this year we asked for your Red Bird Stories. Thank you, its been so moving to hear what Red Bird means to you and the depth of healing that has been shared. There is such a gift in stopping to reflect.

We wish everyone peace in 2023!

Nya:weh – Shianne and Bob

The Red Bird Center is a Multicultural Healing Center, located in the forest in southeastern Ohio. Our mission is to provide opportunities for healing, education, and community celebration for individuals and families who have suffered trauma and loss. Our foundation is centered in the “Indigenous Healing Model” that restores the spirit and brings unity and connection within communities. We celebrate and welcome all cultures and faiths. The Red Bird Center has been in operation since 1997 and is a Native non-profit organization.

The basic philosophy of the Center is as follows:

  • Anyone who seeks to heal…can
  • Healing is a creative process
  • The answers to our healing are as unique as we are
  • Personal responsibility is absolutely essential
  • Healing that invites Spirit into the experience, honoring the truth of the soul, is the most successful (We honor that each Faith and Culture has a beautiful expression of the Spirit.)
  • Healing occurs most powerfully with the support of one’s community

Right now, in our society, we need to heal ourselves and the Earth. Disharmony among the people is great, but so are the healing opportunities. The Center’s Founder, Shianne Eagleheart, and the Staff are dedicated to the healing of the Earth and Her people: all nations, all creeds.

The Center is also active in Restorative Justice, promoting a healing model to effectively respond to crime in America and support the development of safer communities.

Upcoming Events

2022 Community Gatherings

“The Good Earth Way” Multicultural Community Gathering
2022 Planning Sessions – Co-Creation
April 24th
October 23, 2022
See flyer for details

2022 Upcoming Events

Volunteer Days
April 23, 9am-5pm
October 22, 9am-4pm

25th Anniversary Dinner
(following Volunteer Day)
October 22, 5pm

Women’s B-Annual Healing Retreat
May 21-22
September 9-11

2022 Upcoming Events

Children’s Celebration Weekend
August 20-21

Red Bird Native Unity Gathering
July 15-16
Grove City

RBC Native 12 Step Recovery Circle
Passages, Columbus, OH