The Red Bird Center offers a number of retreats for groups, individuals, and families. These retreats are designed to promote healing and support Spiritual growth and development.

Veteran’s Healing Retreat

The Red Bird Center works in collaboration with Veterans’ organizations to offer healing retreats for Veterans and their families. These retreats are designed as an opportunity to resolve the soul pain associated with combat service, and to receive a true welcome home as they are embraced by our greater community. Retreats can include Healing Circle / Lodge, Medicine Story, Rites of Passage, Healing and Reconciliation, Warrior Advancement, Medicine Walk, and Wood Carving / Fishing.

Professional’s Retreat

The Red Bird Center works in collaboration with other organizations to offer specific retreats for those working in the helping professions. These retreats are designed to nurture and honor the many professionals who serve our communities. Retreat activities can include Healing Circle / Lodge, Medicine Stories, drum making, feast, Medicine Walk, etc.

Native Unity Gathering

This Gathering occurs annually to support the healing and unity of Native Families in Ohio. During the gathering we enter a Healing Circle to address the impact of Historical Trauma, oppression, forced boarding school attendance, and relocation (The Indian Removal Act of 1830). We are currently responding to a critical need for healing. Activities include Native Presenters, Elder’s Wisdom, Inter-tribal singers/dancers, Wellbriety Circle, crafting, give-away and feast.

Trauma Recovery Retreat Intensive (3 to 5 days)

The Red Bird Center has been offering healing retreats for trauma survivors since 1997. A survivor is anyone who has gone through trauma as a child or an adult. (Adult or child survivors of family abuse, victims of violence, and veterans coming back from combat.) These retreats are designed to provide the individualized support as survivors need to tell their story, release the pain, in the presence of other survivors who have been there. Ceremonies are utilized to support healing, deepen authentic identity and purpose.

Youth Drug Court Healing Retreats (2 to 3 days)

In recent years the Court systems have begun to utilize The Red Bird Center’s Healing retreats for at risk youth involved in the court system. These retreats are set in a medicine circle for the purpose of healing. The foundation of truth that supports transformation begins with the Wounded Bear program. Each participant has the opportunity to address their individual healing needs as well as create a personal medicine shield to discover their strengths and talents to overcome their current challenge.

Women in Recovery Retreat

This retreat is designed especially for women in recovery from trauma, addiction and other forms of soul loss. Each participant has the opportunity to address their individual healing needs as well as replenish and renew the spirit.

Individual Healing Retreat

Here at the Red Bird Center we understand the answers to our healing are within. The Healing retreat is designed to bring forth those answers and allow for the creation of a healing plan. Individual Ceremonies are offered for people in need of healing or enhancement in spiritual development. They can involve experiential expression, purification, artistic/creative expression, fasting, Earth Medicine, prayer, meditation, journeying, vision quest, spiritual communication, and working with sacred gifts. This retreat can last anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days. The results from this type of Ceremony have been profound and life changing. Please allow for preparation hours in advance.

Individual Family Healing Retreat

Family Healing Retreats are available for families who have a current challenge to address or for immediate crisis response. Our experience in the past is, if a family in crisis can receive direct healing support as soon as possible, this tends to have positive long-term benefits for overall resolution. Families also request retreats for celebration and shared spiritual adventure. These retreats are also a co-creation and can include family counseling, family sculpting, experiential expression, Healing Lodge, Earth Medicine, and other healing arts as needed.

Native Family Retreat

This is an inter-tribal Family Retreat that supports celebrating cultural identity and native unity. Retreat activities can include Traditional Teachings, PowWow Dancers and Singers, Crafting, Feast, Healing Lodge, and Earth Medicine.

Couple’s Retreat

“Hail-lo way-ain” is the Seneca word for “language of the heart.” The Couple’s Retreat supports the celebration of love and intimacy. Often times in our busy lives, it’s difficult to find the time that couples need to enhance their relationship. When a commitment is made to invest in this precious time together, there are no limits to what couples can discover is possible to deepen the gifts found in their relationship.

Women’s Retreat

This retreat is designed especially for women to replenish and renew the spirit. Each participant has the opportunity to address their individual healing needs as well as create a personal medicine shield that reflects the soul qualities of each participant.

Elder’s Retreat

This retreat honor and offers the Elders in our communities an opportunity for healing and replenishment. If an Elder has physical limitation family members are invited to attend to offer assistance. On the Sunday morning of the Elders Retreat it is opened up to the overall community to receive the Wisdom of those in the circle who wish to share. In mainstream society our Elders Wisdom is being lost. This is an opportunity to recover this powerful tradition and bring healing and support to some of our most precious community members.

Children’s Celebration Weekend

This is a very special retreat weekend for children ages 6-18 years old. We are celebrating the children. It’s held twice a year (winter/summer). Parent volunteers are welcome. The weekend gives parents a chance to support their children in spiritual growth and development. Activities center around spiritual education within the Medicine Wheel, Healing Lodge, storytelling, plays, medicine walks, swimming or sledding, games etc. Lots of good fun and Spiritual adventure! A strong children’s community has developed from this weekend retreat that began in 1996. We have “Elders” in the children’s community who return as mentors each year (some as old as 38!)

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