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Welcome to the Red Bird Center

The Red Bird Center is a non-profit Trauma Recovery Center located in the forest in southeastern Ohio. Our foundation in healing relies on Indigenous Ancestral Wisdom/Earth Medicine and 28 years of clinical experience in what truly heals the human spirit.

The basic philosophy of the Center is as follows:

  • Anyone who seeks to heal...can
  • Healing is a creative process
  • The answers to our healing are as unique as we are
  • Personal responsibility is absolutely essential
  • Healing that invites Spirit into the experience, honoring the truth of the soul, is the most successful (We honor that each Faith and Culture has a beautiful expression of the Spirit.)
  • Healing occurs most powerfully with the support of one's community

Right now, in our society, we need to heal ourselves and the Earth. Disharmony among the people is great, but so are the healing opportunities. The Center's Founder, Shianne Eagleheart, and the Staff are dedicated to the healing of the Earth and Her people: all nations, all creeds.

The Red Bird Center provides opportunities for healing, education, and community celebration. The Center is also active in Restorative Justice, promoting a healing model to effectively respond to crime in America and support the development of safer communities.

We invite you to visit our photo gallery for 17 years of Red Bird Center history.

Our 17 years has taken us so many wonderful places. In the Healing Spirit of the people we have met and in travel around the world, even as far reaching as Sydney, Australia. The photo gallery captures our joy and success in so many beautiful ways. Our circle is strong as the Ancestors bless. We are bringing a multicultural community circle together in healing and in celebration of life and all of its blessings. As you review the photo gallery you will be seeing the following ways the Red Bird Center has responded to community need both here in the state of Ohio, nationally, and internationally.

Photos include:

  • Children's events
  • Native gatherings
  • Community celebrations and Retreat events
  • Professional training and healing retreats nationally and internationally
  • Veteran's programs
  • Volunteer events

A Message from the Executive Director

Greetings, I hope my message find you well.

I wanted to share some good news with you: I have the honor of being nominated for the Hero's For Andy Award which will be presented this evening (May 4th) at the "Celebrate the Heroes Among Us 8th Annual Gala benefit" at the LaMalfa Center in Mentor, OH.

Here is a brief statement from Andy Nowacki's family honoring their son and the sacred intention of this Gala:

Lance Corporal Andy "Ace" Nowacki was killed by a roadside bomb in Babil Province, Iraq on February 26, 2005. He was protecting a convoy as the gunner in the lead vehicle, the most dangerous position.

Here at home, he was a policeman in the Village of Grand River, protecting his community, helping wherever and whenever he could. Andy had a passion for protecting his comrades and his fellow citizens. He also believed strongly that his role as a policeman was also to educate.

It seemed a natural fit for his family to establish a scholarship in Andy's name to perpetuate this love of community and keep his memory alive.

This Gala Benefit grants Scholarships, presents Hero Awards, and raises money for future Public Services scholarships Attached is more more on the program or you can go to their website at:

In truth, as always, the hero never accomplishes her tasks alone, she always has assistance from others. Thank you for so many good years together and all the ways you have help the Red Bird Center reach so many in need.

In the Healing Spirit - Shianne

Upcoming Events:

  • Women in Recovery Retreat, July 5th-7th, 2013

  • Children's Celebration Weekend, July 19th-21st 2013
    Red Bird Center, Kimbolton,OH

  • Great Rhythm Revival, "Earth Medicine" - Sherman N.Y, August 9th-11th, 2013 (see

  • Native Unity Gatherings
    August 24th-25th, and November 30th-December 1, 2013, Columbus, OH

  • Women Veteran's Healing Retreat - September 20th-22nd, 2013
    Red Bird Center, Kimbolton, OH

  • Veteran's Healing and Reconciliation return trip to Vietnam - October 2014

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